Did my second ride up here yesterday the loop from Rocky to Yeppoon to Emu Park and back around 120km and I am working from home because I can’t move…

No one re4ads this but I will keep updating it anyways

Had a awesome couple of days at the Rocky Cup on Wheels

Shit pic but you get the idea

Lots of racers for all over the state

I read it.

Looks like you guys had some sweet weather for it? Any pics of guys riding the track from the weekend?

dude this is my homepage! did you take the basso Ti out? how’d it go? how’d you go?

Only got in on some practice with the C graders Sunday… Great weekend

So keen on a ride from Bris to Rocky next year…

Took a massive ride on the KHS today and upgraditis has kidded in bigtime…

Dura Ace Group is required… Wheelset and Cranks 7710 or 7600 i thinks

This is wicked

I found this flyer posted on BNA the other day and think it needs to be re-enacted this year…

The Brisbane to Rockahmpton L’Eroica

oh shit yeah i’d do this!

not surprising, coming from the group-ride-slut and all

So your in to n8?

Noosa’s as far as I’ve ridden north - so I could definitely be persuaded

Anyone interested will be housed once they get here and taken Barra fishing…

i like this idea!!!

EDIT: except for the riding from bne to rocky

quick edit there - I was just about to post something about the distance being significantly longer than your usual “trip to the store for darts” type affair

snap! red you’re such a lazy fucker, get out and have a go, you know you’d piss it in

vagina says no

fuck up… i sometimes ride to the bottle-O too

maybe i could just fly up then ride around the block a couple of times to work up a sweat

“oh hey red, you didnt ride with the rest of the guys”

nah mate… too cool… u know how it is?

“yeah feel ya homi”



+1 jillion

^^ playas be hatin!!!