Any Rockvegas peeps on the forum???

I doubt it but always keen for a ride if there are…


HAHA only me in Rocky then…

Any Track racers coming up for the Rockhampton Cycling Carnival?



Try the country music forums.


Well i am digging the country music radio station up here and I went to a pub last friday called te Great Western that actually has a Bull riding ring in the middle of it…

Hey Dayne… Rocky roadtrip?

Ride to Rocky? Or drive up?

i’d ride it fo’ sure

640 km …

def somewhere to stay every 100km

What about the trucks? Aren’t there REALLY big trucks?

And when you all get up here we will go fishing and catch some of these about 2 km from my house …

I’m in.
Give me a couple of days to get fit though.
I"ll need to be fit to drive the support van up.

that your boat? 3 days of riding, 3 days of fishing and 1 day of driving back. Now thats a solid week!

Nah a mates boat but i’m on the look out for something similar now… seeing one nest week in Brissy…

So many Barra up here pitty the Barra season is nearly over… just means we now go chasing reef fish…

Do it now that I have a new roady i will fly down and ride back

They’ll do it fixed I’d say

If i’ve got the weight weenie roadie built, i might do it on that. Can’t beat fixed touring though :slight_smile:

Can I be in-charge of drinks, food, flats, blow and hookers?

Just did my first lengthy fixed ride to the other side of town and back then up Mt Archer…

Completely different riding in this heat… rooted now