Roger David x Republic. WTF???

On the Roger David website today for work and stumbled on this banger…

There’s a ‘bike shop’ link on the main page Roger David

or go there direct…

Republic Bike (Australia) | About | Custom track bikes, fixed gear bicycles, fixies, Dutch bikes | built by us and you

I think we’ve reached rock bottom now.

I dont even know what to say ha ha ha i guess i almost expected it with all the bicycle ‘motifs’ going on with RD’s clothes lately…

They have been selling these for a while now and they have them on display in some of their stores.


sugino cranks… amazing.

Omg 3d bike storrrrre!

130mm rear spacing??

my dad bought me a shirt from Roger david for xmas, and i wear it all the time, mainly coz all my friends are too cool to realize its from RD in the first place, or admit it even if they know

Who even gives a shit anymore. Blah blah major corporation did this, major corporation did that, wah. We’ve reached rock bottom stopped riding fixeies blaaaah

Man, when I was a kid I thought Roger David made boring clothes for old men like my dad. Now that I’m a dad I think they make crazy shit for kids. Shits getting weird.

I bought a jacket from roger david once. It was nice, but i don’t fit in it any more.
Their tee’s have a weird fit that makes me not want to buy them.
And hey, people with good fixed gears will always look down upon people with cheap nasty fixed gears, just like roadies, bmx’ers, and mtb guys look down upon their entry level peeps. Don’t say you don’t, cos even if you don’t, enough other people will.

Roger David is copying urban outfitters from the US!!

I’m waiting for High 'n Mighty to get on it

I must have missed all this “repositioning” of Roger David into youth or maybe Im still stuck in the 90’s but my perception is that the brand still caters for 35+ fashion suppressed men. I’d understand a Just Jeans doing this, but Roger David…? Really…

well… i think they cater for more then 35+ males at roger david…i found this guy while looking through there gallery.

haha, have you read the propaganda attached to the thumbnail? he is the ‘mexican mutant’…


i love to judge. what a fucknuckle. fuck i hate american extreme-look-how-fucking-underground-gnarly-more-alt-than-you-i-am motherfuckers. maybe instead of some more cystic implants you could buy some shoes next time

the devil be ridin’ fixed

Clearasil aint gonna help those zitz!