Rohloff, QR, and semi horizontal dropouts


I’m planning on setting up my Bullitt frame with the Rohloff from my old tourer. I’ve been chatting with some Northern European Bullitt riders, the Australian distributer and Commuter about how to do it. My plan was to run it with the Bullitt Semi-horizonal dropouts that they normally use for Shimano internally geared hubs along with the OEM2 adapter plate and DIY Rohloff Monkey Bone, but the Northern European guys said that Rohloff says not to run any sliding dropouts with a QR axle. So, I have to make a decision. Do I:

1). run it anyway, probably using a VO bolt on QR (I was planning on running a Pitlock, but Ell-P reckons I won’t get enough torque on it, and I agree).

2). get vertical dropouts and run it with a tensioner. This will definitely work and be reliable.

Here’s a pic of what I have and how it goes together: