rollers vs turbo, whats the difference? if any

looking at getting rollers but

whats the difference between these two styles if any, should i pick one style over another


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i like the trainer because you can get heaps loose on them and punch out proper max efforts

rollers are good too, depends what you want out of them really. youd look like a fair shunter rocking up to the track with a mag trainer.

Rollers: Good for balance, cadence, smoothness. Vary resistance with gears unless you have a fancy model.

Fluid/mag/turbo: Good for power training.

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rollers are for warming up, cooling down, speed efforts, occasional endurance efforts, and when it’s rainy out. not much will improve your balance on the bike better, and they also really help your core strength / control. others may disagree, but i reckon rollers are what you need most of all when you first start out.

trainers are better for efforts in general. if you’re trying to improve your strength / strength endurance / power, you need a trainer. or even an ergo / wattbike, should you have the cash.

more info on different kinds of efforts? see here:

Speed, Strength and Endurance

oh, and more specifically, trainers have variable resistance. rollers usually don’t.

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you can change the resistance on the rollers by moving the rear rollers further apart. more apart = more resistance.

the other way is to run them on long carpet LOL

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and rollers are better for tricks… which should be the most important factor :stuck_out_tongue:

a friend of mine once wedged a broom between my rear roller and the floor, for more resistance. end result = no more broom.

Is there any data to support that claim? The friction would be determined by surface area contacting the rollers I would have thought. Curious to know.

My two bob.

Rollers are THE biz

Feels like riding.
Requires balance, engages core, similiar to freeweight training with dumbells not BARbells.
Doesn’t wear out your rear tyre like a TURBO trainer
If you buy a fan/mag you can add resistance to your roller setup.
No frigging around with the back wheel.

Oh yes, and tricks. One foot no hands jedi roller master.

BT ATS trainers are the only ones worth mentioning.

Puts on engineering hat

The force that the rear wheel exerts on the rollers will increase as the rollers supporting that wheel are moved further apart. This is because the rollers not only take the weight of the rear wheel, but also the force of the rear wheel trying to push the two supporting rollers apart. The further apart those rollers are, the more leverage there is for the rear wheel to push them outwards. This means that the wider those rollers are, the more total force each is subject to, and you you expect the greater their internal resistance.

That said, I’m not sure what proportion of total resistance the internal friction in the rollers makes up. I’d guess that it would be more significant that wind resistance on the wheels, since a wheel set spinning while the bike is on a workshop stand takes quite a while to slow down.

YouTube - Matchew Does Roller Tricks (Track Cocaine)

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