Rolly is a legend

Rolly found my bike in Melbourne, and then hung around for 45 minutes while dying for a piss while the cops sorted it out and a mate of mine showed up. Thank you Rolly, you are awesome!! I will be getting your name engraved on the most fuck-off solid lock I can buy, and sending a case of beer your way!

Other people can feel free to put reasons why Rolly is a legend in here.

Legend :confused: He’s still alive … at least last time I saw him he was.

Rad Rollyrollyrolly…

God we have some awesome guys on here…


The owl thread

I met him,

And happy birthday to Rolly!

He always gets my good side in photographs

In honor of rolly being awesome i will finally pay my membership fee and dedicate it to him

He’s pretty cool I guess. No lemontime, but pretty cool.

Because he is ZLTN today.


Well done rolly

couldn’t find those tyres at the pub though eh?! :stuck_out_tongue:

though he did take me on a pain loop of Mt Pleasant. thnx

Rolly is a legend and more so for being the reason I met Beaker, Sime and Nick Saint Cloud as well as catching up with a few FoA celebrities. Good times!

Me: Is Dave Beaker here?
Rolly: Yeah, that guy over there.
Me: Oh, you mean the one that looks like Beaker?

Rolly: yeah, the guy that looks kinda like me but with glasses.


I once went to a fancy dress party dressed as Beaker. All I did was put on a lab coat.

Good times.