Rolly's BOGear Chunky Toad review

seeing as not many people actually look at the FOA blog, check this out for my review of the BOGear Chunky Toad.

Rolly’s Brisbane Outdoor Gear Chunky Toad review. | Fixed Gear Australia



edit - also more than happy to answer any questions you may have, just PM me.

Nice one Rolly!

It is a fucking awesome bag. I second everything you said. I’ve had mine for about 12 months and it has been nothing but amazing. Only thing I would change is to get more reflective material on the flap like yours; looks ace!

joel knows what time it is!

hey Joel, just a thought, but there’s every chance Dave can add some reflective stripping to your bag. shoot him an email.

my papermunky got a full overhaul, including some reflective stripping that was never on the original bag.

do it.


this last one actually shows the final bag with the black straps in an attempt to tone it down slightly…

I realy like it .I appericate this thread.