Rolly's cycling career advances to the next level...


AHAHAHAHAAHA! Secret track training?

Separated at birth

i often wonder if i could use the ergo to power something.

paging blakey?

Yup, you could easily power your laptop that you’re watching Degrassi on while you train. How many watts do you put out again? Your laptop is somewhere in the 50-100W bracket.

These guys can probably even provide you with a circuit diagram: Electronics, Lighting, & Gadgets

Or just nick some parts from this and hook it up to a Wattbike: Future Spark

yeah, i could manage that. now to download a couple of series of the american biggest loser…

I’ve ridden on a couple of those future spark set ups. Got to make popcorn, boil water, run an outdoor cinema and have competitions for most power generated in 5 minutes ect. MGC has a semi-permanent set up in their foyer so you can just jump on and pedal.