Roobaix 2014

Just wondering if the’ll be a tassie contingent going over this year, I’m heading over from Launnie.


would you like to make a party?

Looks good, I’ll probably be there, I saw that while browsing the Melboune thread. Will be a culture shock for me seeing so many fixes/people on bikes :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you make it over?

Did you see any fixes?

The scene in that poster is that exact opposite of what Temple Brewery was like.

But… you did wear a skirt that night.

Sorry for the late reply, yes I did make it over and had a tone of fun, nearly cooked my camera (had water in the lens) but it dried out all good, I couldn’t make it to the pre-party as I got caught up with other stuff but all in all I had a great time, thanks to the melb folk for an awesome weekend. Will deffenetly be coming back in the near future :stuck_out_tongue:

weak. lolz were had, love was found, a significant number of animated cows were shot.

Did they have guns?


ha ha sound like I’m missed out on a good night :stuck_out_tongue: