Room For Rent in Richmond, Melburn

Anyone looking for a place to live?

My housemate just told me he is moving out 6th June so i have a room as of then.

Victoria St, Richmond, just near IKEA n vic gardens.

Large renovated 2 bedroom brick house with big backyard, polished floorboards, third room/bungalow that is set up as a gym (and has plenty of storage space for bikes and parts!)

Sharing with me and my 3 y.o. dog.

Just signed another year on the lease.

$180 per week

PM me with any questions.

i like holding hands and long walks on the beach…

thats ok, i’m not homophobic, what you do in your spare time is none of my business :wink:

have you tried the ‘wanted’ section cam? :stuck_out_tongue:


anyone know someone looking for a room?

How did you catch that?

from spending too much time with you…

A bungalow, you say?