Rossin Festina

Broke my Colnago, bought this frameset NOS to swap all the parts onto.
Think it’s Columbus Genius, brazed front end, lugged rear, mix of Mirage/Record parts.
The paint suggests it dates to about 1993, although there’s nothing else to date it by.

I like how it rides, rear is very short, front is quite slack, it’s very stiff sprinting too. Wouldn’t mind trying a carbon fork with a little less rake.

1993 Rossin Performance by floody31, on Flickr

Love the paint scheme! Nice one Mark

Oh my.

I’m starting a petition against putting a carbon fork on it.

oh thats a beaut!


I don’t want to get egged I guess…

Talk to me if you want some sweet vintage replica Rossin water bottles:

Suitable splash tape is suitable, balleur.