Rossin frame set 56cm

pretty sweet!! - check sellers other items, some nice stuff up for grabs

I’ve spent money with this seller before and I’d do it again.

me too… dude is a goldmine

Me also :slight_smile:

That’s loud, garish and over the top.

I love it !!!

me too, great seller & the free postage is a nice bonus:)

Why must I be poor? And this be short?

Collect them all:

56 rossin is what I’m looking for but do you really reckon it is NOS? Looks like a re-paint since the logos on the stays and fork crowns are not white against the coloured background. Why would you paint a bike that hasn’t been ridden? A killah looking thing though…

and this!

probably not worth thinking about too much, it will likely be assembled with risers and an aerospoke but no brakes, and eventually smashed into a bus in the CBD of a major city

^^is that from your work? i demand to have all of my coffees in that cup from now on.

thanks mate

for gregs private use only… sorry roland

tell greg he’s a dick

yeh, for sure rolls!


And you must park it in this:

and listen to this…

no deal

wrong, this is the house in which to park

^ I know which one I prefer…