Rotor Hydro Group


I think it’s ugly AF, but hard to tell without it being on an actual bike.

Hydraulic shifting…what could possibly go wrong

The hoods remind me of old non-aero brake lever hoods.

Keeeeen! So cool.

hoods look umcomfy as fuck

Looking forward to more details!

Sram and shimano 105 set a precedent in uglylookinghoodville

Meh, Acros did it 5 years ago… It was expensive and not that good (pain in the dick to bleed too apparently). Shimanos air ride was similarly “revolutionary” but non-cable driven systems have too many drawbacks.

Might be worth buying a set to sell to a collector in 30 years though…

Still cool imo.

Into it.

I’m surprised that people think electric groups are a good idea and this isnt! Faster, better feel, lighter, less maintenance.

And ugly?! Derailleurs with massive housings full of little motors and shit stuck to them… that is ugly. This is great. Lever shape looking uncomfy, it will suit some, not others, and its a piece of cake to change in future iterations. I’m happy that another company is having a crack.

Reminds me of these things:

Full of clever solutions to problems that didn’t really need to exist, overcomplicated, and difficult to repair. Groundbreaking though, and beautiful to use when working properly.