Route to Geelong

I’ve been trying to find a nice route to Geelong which isn’t too long but doesn’t take me on a ridiculous number of turns or down some super busy roads. Does anyone have any help? I am riding up Saturday morning at around 7 am for a conference and am just using it as a commute as opposed to a training ride.


  • ride fed trail to werribee (its flat and fast)
  • ride the freeway to geelong (the shoulder is plenty wide right until you hit the outskirts of geelong, then its a little more ‘interesting’ - use the service roads where you can)

take spare tubes as theres a tonnes of road debris
take some sort of entertainment device, its plenty boring
dont yell at cars that crowd/swoop you - you aint in east brunswick anymore…

theres probably other ways to do it, but i believe this is the fastest and easiest.

The Federation Trail is the best way to Werribee, from there you have a few options - check the UCI course from Werribee: or similarly, the route we took for Brewery Ride v5.0: Federation Square to Geelong VIC - Google Maps although we did have dirt roads for a section.

Thanks guys thats exactly what I wanted. That trail looks great to ride.
How long did it take you guys to ride?

I think we left Fed Square at 8:30am and arrived in Geelong a bit after 1:00pm…I think, with a coffee stop at Werribee and my usual vague sense of direction. Read all about it: