Royal National Park

What’s the best way to find the best dirt road, firetracks, riding down in the Royal National Park? I’d love to take my wife down for a bit of unsealed road riding. Got new tires for her touring bike and she is ready :wink:

Thanks folks!

This for segments:✓&keywords=Royal+National+Park%2C+NSW%2C+Australia&filter_type=cycling&min-cat=0&max-cat=5&terrain=all

This for rides people have done, filter for Road, vs Cross, vs MTB:✓&location=Royal+National+Park%2C+NSW%2C+Australia&[country]=Australia&[state]=New+South+Wales&[city]=Royal+National+Park&[lat_lng]=-34.0751136%2C151.05581269999993&keywords=&activity_type=Ride&type=&distance_start=0&distance_end=300&time_start=0&time_end=10&elev_gain_start=0&elev_gain_end=5000

Ride with GPS has options too.

My neck of the woods!

Go for a suburban dirt ride with fixed user rowanD :slight_smile:

There are some nice easy fire trails that start around the loftus oval carpark. On a weekend you’ll see a lot of mtb riders heading for the singletracks. But easy to stick to the wider firetrails also.

My suggestion if taking the missus would be to ride Lady Carrington Drive. It’s a really (really) nice scenic track through the middle of the RNP. Ideally you figure out a way to finish at the Audley end where you can hit up the cafe and sit by the water.

Awesome thanks guys! Guess I will ride Lady Carrington Drive and take it from there. Might be this Sunday so shout out if you see a green Surly Cross Check heading your way.

Oh snap, been real busy/ since Christmas so missed this completely, if you are planning another trip down and know what sort of terrain/riding you want to do I can post some general routes up here.