Royd - Bike bag!

Alright, we’ve finally managed to build up a small supply of our foldable bike bag called Royd. This bike bag is designed for those people who want to ride to and from the airport, and don’t want the hassle of dealing with bike boxes, or other rigid cases. It is foldable, compact (about the size of a Yellow Pages directory), lightweight (just under 2kg), and built to last.

These are constructed from 1000D Kodra Nylon, and feature 6mm padding (with pockets to add extra padding if you wish) around the wheel axles, and on the base. #10YKK zipping used throughout (lasts the long haul) with zip flap to stop the baggage gorillas from “burning” out your zip (yes it happens). Oh, and it also comes with its own compressible travel case, complete with clipping webbing so you can sling it to the outside of your pack (nothing sucks more than having to find room in your already overstuffed backpack when you get to your destination).

To use it you do have to semi-dismantle your bike.

We have some:
USA Woodlands Camo fabric w/ Black webbing (5)
USA Woodlands Camo fabric w/ Gold webbing (2 only)
Grey fabric w/ black webbing (2 only)

And we will be getting in some more Black fabric w/ gold webbing shortly (let us know if you are keen on one).

$185 with free shipping for FOA members until 16th April. Email me if interested and let me know you are an FOA member:

For those who want to know more about it, our webpage isn’t live yet, so watch me wank on about it for a while:

Royd - YouTube

And how to pack your bike:

How to Pack & Fold Royd - YouTube

(and sorry about the disgusting neck beard)

This looks pretty awesome. What’s the biggest frame you can fit in there?

^ I had a 57CM and it fit with ease.

Good question. Not sure. Someone want to lend me an enormobike?

It does fit my old 58 square frame (shown in the packing video), and also fits my 29er. Will measure up and get back to you with rough calculations…

Okay… height of the bag is 70cm, while base of the bag is also 70cm.

So my rough guess would be it could comfortably fit up to a 60-62cm. Will try and get my hands on the biggest bike possible over the coming days and find out exactly for you! :slight_smile:

I ride 54-56, so it’s all good for me, but thought I’d ask for the giraffes out there.

I want one, though im going to Cairo, would you recommend against getting the camo one, so im not going thru Egyptian customs carrying an enormous camoflage bohemouth thru the airport looking kind of on edge?..

Hah! Not sure if I would recommend this colour choice then! But you only live once right? Perhaps now is the chance to give it a try?? :wink:

Nice beard ha ha will need one in a couple of months in Export colorway yo! (Maybe not emu export colourway, but the sentiment is still the same). Great looking product.

as a long time advocate of the Ground Effect Tardis, this is definitely a stepup… i like the tweaks youve made and every question i thought of (internal pocket, securing the wheels, etc) was answered by the end of the video.

theres some smart thinking going on with the design.

i am strongly tempted to upgrade…

HLC, I’ve now got a metricfucktonne of webbing/fabric/stitching colour options so an Export bag is not out of the question!

The Nickcee tick of approval! :slight_smile: Cheers mate! Really appreciate!!

Any chance of a demo laying around i can test out at the end of june :wink:

Yup. No worries. :slight_smile:
I’ve got a pre-production prototype as a tester bag. It isn’t the latest version, but works perfectly. Email me when you are keen!