Rule one

I don’t know why but half way through a turn in the wet today I just stopped my feet. Idiot! Nothing happened just a massive slide rode out of it, but, IDIOT!

last time i crashed, i was turning into a street with a traffic island dividing the entrance, leaning over into the corner, realise i’m going to hit the island with my pedal, straighten up to get more clearance, it’s not enough, inside pedal comes down onto the island. stops turning, bike kicks up, throws me off and i end up all over the road.
it was a silly mistake, but on a freewheel it wouldn’t have mattered

I got sore ankles now - both of feel fucked

Yeah I hit a turn a bit too fast in the wet at the christmas alleycat. Thought I had it all under control but the bike and I ended up in the gutter. No brakes goes to shit in the wet. Hell, even brakes go to shit in the wet. Rain is fun.

rain is fun until you add wet tram tracks then it turns to shit real fast

been riding fixed for years, and today for no apparent reason it would appear i wanted to manual my fixie up a gutter.

just startled me, but could have been nasty. and all because i’d just been talking to one of the other guys about manuals for mountain biking…

muppet moment #1 for '08.

I discovered one very simple rule today: 95 degree turns at 15k’s don’t work cause you usually end up on the ground with a red face.

My best was an over the bars into a planter box in one of those recessed parking bays on the SS MTB a few yrs ago. No injuries, but I don’t perve on the other side of the road anymore. OK… only sometimes. :smiley:

After about a year and a half of exclusive fixed riding I’ve yet to have a single hic up. Except for a few chain drops on my first half arsed build.
I’m wondering how long it’ll be till my numbers up.

Hearing your stories I dont feel like the alpha muppet anymore.

I had my back wheel slide out up hill(like to the left, against the grade of the hill) on collins st once, I have no idea how I stayed upright, though I binned it later that day on a pedestrian bridge. Painted wood in the wet is another one to be wary of.