Rust just ain't nitto

Are there any wizards out there who can tell me how to remove surface rust off my bars?

Even when I cover them with bar tape it still plagues me.

Much appreciated.

leave it in vinegar for a day or two it usually comes off with a toothbrush. or try aluminium foil.

Autosol should do the trick

AUTOSOL Metal Polish Tin (large) 1kg


000/ 0000 grade steel wool and some warm soapy water, but try Autosol first.

Cheers. Thanks heaps guys.

wise words :wink:

i’ve actually found that soaking things in lime juice works better than in vinaegar

oil + foil… I no kid.
scrub it with foil & a little oil or even WD40 if yo must.

^yep, WD40 has worked fine for me in the past.

I leave the rust on, cos rust is cool.

You should look into nitric acid, it’s awesome for hastening rust and corrosion on steel.

This is now a ‘how to apply rust to your bicycle’ thread.

Guess that makes the Rossin the coolest bike i own then.

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dylan is trying to single handedly make this more like facebook.

I ‘like’ this comment

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