rust removal from forks

I have some surface rust to remove off a nice set of chrome forks and have had an auto rust removal product called “Deoxidine” recommended to me.

Has anyone used this stuff and does anyone know where I might get some from that might be close to the Melbourne CBD/eastern suburbs? - most autoshop paint suppliers should stock it.

I’ve managed to get most of the rust off using tinfoil and water as an alternative to steel wool (a trick recommended on one of the sites I stumbled across which worked quite well).

i have the same question, (sorta.)

some chips in the paint and a little surface rust in those chips.

can i touch up the paint or do i remove the rust first.


should i use the same stuff “Deoxidine”? does it damage paint?

sorry for the threadjack.

Rust converter (aka Phosphoric acid) will attack the red iron oxide and convert it to a stable oxide film. Available at super cheap / autobarn as a liquid or gel.

Then use aluminium (not tin) foil & autosol metal polish, finish off with cotton cloth (or buffing wheel) and autosol. No need for foil if the rust is minor. Brass wool (not steel) can also be used if extra abrasive removal is required.

For paint: use phosphoric, scuff surface, then apply primer and touchup paint.

what happens if i paint over the surface rust?

bad things!

Deoxidine is mainly phosphoric acid - I think

Thanks Blakey - I’ll give those suggestions a go.

Its for the Pogliaghi track frame I picked up a while back now just back from the painter newly painted, stickered and back to its original glory…

it spreads huh?

like cancer

or hairloss

Tin foil and Coke. On Myth Busters polished up a rusty old chrome bumper bar.

I was just about to post this exact question!

Shortsie - There is a good guide to touching up bike paint here:

They recommend using Testors model paint. I haven’t searched to hard yet but I think that is is pretty common.

I have a patch of pitted rust on a chainstay about the size of a 5c piece. Im getting the frame powdercoated but would like to keep the chrome stays. Anyone know of a way of touching up a spot that big so that it is not too noticeable? Re-chroming is way to expensive by the way. So Im thinking that there must be a good faux chrome paint out there.

I cant imagine that a nice sticky coating of coke is going to do good things for a bike in the long term. Stick with the Autosol I say.

Nah just wash it off. I’d be more concerned of what the coke is doing to ya guts