Ryan dunn

I’ll bet you somewhere there’s an exec thinking of how MTV can make money off of this.
I have honestly never worked with such a money hungry organisation.

ryan dunn memorial go-kart race. the jackass guys all get wasted then drive coffin-shaped go-karts around at his funeral.

i can haz job at MTV now plz?

Douche I know all two well the actions of drink drivers don’t like to see people die but fuck Wake up dip shits.

man, you really gotta start using full stops.

Rants are one long pissed sentence.
If I paused some one may be able to interupt my rant.
I don’t like that it’s my rant…

no point ranting in text if the reader has to read it 5 times to figure out what you’re saying!!

That’ll just buff out.

BAM! (not the margera variety)

how do you even get a blood alcohol reading out of a body that’s come out of that?

blood from wherever it was strewn?

Waste of a good Porsche.

^ The brakes look fine…clearly they weren’t required.

probably one of them new fixie porsches bro.

that Porsche is dunn for. :frowning:

No use cryan about it

Yeah i know i am just a tradie.

Solid gold.

Bzzzzzt. Time’s up.