Rychtarski TT frame

I’m posting this for the paintjob, and where it reads “beatyfull lugs, perfect details, Precision handjob!”

Rychtarski TT frame pursuit + Carbon 4 spoke wheels - eBay (item 280640806889 end time Mar-17-11 09:15:04 PDT)

That thing is tiny in person. It found it in a shed in Poland when i was there in 2009. Was in the shed of dreams :slight_smile: Battaglins, Colnago’s and other mental bike porn shit. I will try dig up a picture!

^^ thats a pretty wicked story! I love that frame too. But i think only for the mad 80’s paintjob. It’s a bit beat up :frowning:

Shit foto but here it is.

Complete Colnago Master Pista with full campy record. Coulda snapped it up for $1000aud. A bit small though

how did you find that shed?

That is Tiny!!! Still amazing find. (the shed in general) That would be like me finding a Phase III GT-HO and not buying it lol

Landed in Poland with no accomodation and didnt speak polish. First day i landed i met a bunch of local fixed gear riders and couriers. They let me crash with them for a whole week. This shed was in this epicly huge squatters compound hidden away near the city. Was super crazy getting into the compound to visit the dudes. When the shed door opened up my jaw hit the ground. From top to bottom it was covered in frames and parts. Boxes and boxes of Campy, Mavic 3G’s, Trispokes etc. I coulda easily spent all my savings for the rest of the 5 weeks in Europe! Was offered to me stupidly cheap. One day i will go back as i know there is still plenty more there :slight_smile:

Give me a yell when you do.
I can smell campy from miles away like a beagle to crack and a pig to truffles
And campy is better than crack and truffle mash potato.

sweeet. btw thanks for the tee