RYOKOU Online Keirin documentary series

just like how i beat you in that bike tag? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah it was just over 30 mins and doesn’t go into much detail about anything but still a good watch, lots of nagasawa NJS porn!

Looks like it was combined: RYOKOU CHAPTER 1 - YouTube

First part is up now and its 5 mins long.

So basically a 5 minute pan shot of the velodrome with Japanese pan pipe music?

was short, was rad.

how good was the red perkins BMX??

and what about perko taking two aust records and two national champ gold medals within 3 months of taking up track?

Yeah no kidding I had know idea he accomplished so much in such a short period of time … Caarazy

Chapter One:


Chapter Two is on at midday. You can watch it here - chasingtheglory - YouTube

Also, there’s a post SBS 2 screening Q&A with Perko on YouTube. It’s not too bad if you can ignore the echo when the two dudes are askin the questions.


Chapter Two:


chapter 3


These are too good, but every-time you get settled into watching BAM it ends :frowning:

Chapter 4:


This one includes extended footage not seen yet including Shane’s take on diet, and resisting curry rice…

Chapter 5:


Loved the whole thing, very nicely put together.

all 5 chapters, as well as some soon to be uploaded extra footage can be found here:


very cool. cycling meets Budo. trust the japanese to put the two together.

This is so good. Watched the whole thing a few times now. It’s great to get a bit of insight to the sport and how they train.