RYOKOU Online Keirin documentary series

Hey folks.

The good people at RYOKOU online documentary have teamed up with FOA to help get the word out about the premiere of their awesome looking 5 part series, featuring Australia’s very own Shane Perkins.

Shane Perkins takes us behind the scenes of the historic competitive cycling mystique that is the Japanese Keirin in RYOKOU, a web documentary series that will have its [b]worldwide digital release in 5 short parts, for 5 consecutive days, at 12noon from Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May.

SBS 2 will be showing a special premiere screening THIS SUNDAY from 6.30pm
Online series starts here - chasingtheglory - YouTube - from Monday May 27th.[/b]

RYOKOU - the Japanese expression for the word ‘journey’ - is a story about the determination of an Australian athlete, set amongst the backdrop of the Land of the Rising Sun. The series explores Shane Perkins’ journey to re-define his career, whilst taking up the challenge to become a champion rider in the National Keirin Series competition in Japan, 2012/2013.


This series looks really awesome, and we’re super pleased to be able to help get the word out about one of the world’s best getting amongst it on the Keirin circuit!!

So keen for this. I love all things Keirin.

are you back in sydney yet?

preview screening at the chauvel at 6pm if you are…

Get back on the 1st June. 1 week :frowning: and will be sans tv/reliable internet as of Monday lol. awesome timing.


Friday morning bump, for those that went to bed early.

Interview with da man himself
Keirin Racing in Japan with Shane Perkins | Cycling Tips

If the trailer is anything to go by it should be a great doco. Keen.

I saw the previews for this when watching one of the Gira stages on SBS last week… can’t wait it looks really good :slight_smile:

I thought that was pretty rad.

pretty good, not nearly long enough. would loved to have seen more focus on the training and racing but i dont think thats interesting enough for anyone else.

yeah, longer would’ve been good.


THE KEIRIN / BANK 03 @ 2013 - YouTube

I am pretty sure this is a 5 part Series ? (Sadly I missed last night hopefully it shows up on SBS on demand)

This was quoted on the Producers Youtube Channel :

“Chasing the Glory media house in association with Projucer presents the official trailer and announces the digital release of our latest sports story: RYOKOU (Journey) - a five part web documentary published on this channel.”

In fact I think its being released daily on this channel :

chasingtheglory - YouTube

was the feature on SBS the full 5 part series? if so that was rather short but still awesome!

True. But I think what was shown on SBS last night was the combination of all 5 parts.

Edit: Beaten by imdeano. There’s a first for everything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope it was not all 5 parts combined but I guess that’s a good possibility :confused:

was all 5 parts, but you can see a ‘chapter’ per night on their YouTube channel as linked above.

did you read my first post??

Was it? Disappointed it’s so short.