RYOKOU premiere - FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!! 24/5/13

Sure, you can’t make it to the Dirty Deeds Prologue in Melbourne, so you should definitely get down to the Chauvel Cinema FRIDAY MAY 24TH at 6pm to catch the preview screening!


I’m yet to confirm the story with tickets etc, but i’ll post that ASAP!!

Get down there, should be awesome :slight_smile:

Full details of the series here

Is this the story of some Australian cyclist riding some Japanese gambling race?

Shane Perkins racing Kieren, yes.

Isnt this on sbs on sunday?

Shane Perkins documentary Ryokou on SBS : SBS Cycling Central | Cycling News and Results | Video Highlights

Maybe (hopefully) this premiere will be all episodes at once.

I think I’ll be there.

Can’t make it, but I helped fund it through Pozible. If anyone I know goes - pick up my rewards!!!

yep, SBS 2 have picked it up, i think it was originally only going to be an online thing.

Screening starts at 6pm.
$10 on the door
Palace Chauvel, Paddington

entire doco.

get amongst it

Did they just decide to do this yesterday? A bit of notice would have been nice, I can’t go tonight but same as Rod I contributed some money towards it.
Will have to wait til it’s on SBS Sunday night.

I don’t believe so, but as far as advertising here it was only finalised yesterday, hence the later than ideal announcement.

Sorry, just re-read what I wrote and it wasn’t directed at you rolly, thought it may have seemed that way.

haha all good man, didn’t take it that way. I did ask for you though, got this response:

For those that come who did give $ we’ll have their rewards and those that can’t, they’ll be posted next week.

Yea I funded that through Pozible too and I was supposed to get 2 tix to the premiere and a bottle of Sake but got an email during the week saying the Melb show had been cancelled due to it falling through with a “cycling blog”. If its an official screening Rolly you my permission to pretend you’re me Rolly and collect the gold (sake)

anyone go? how was it?

Really good, wanted more. I watched then thing online afterwards and asked some silly questions which they answered.