S.o.f.n 2013


Surfers parafise sign 6pm 23rd feb 2013

fixiegc.com for more updates

enter hype and meaningless dribble about being a sik fixya full time mad kent pro

Do you guys pay appearance fees? I’ll be needing a few gratuities also you know the usual stuff, ill pm you

if your lucky ill make you disappear

*you’re, who does your spell checking when your on graphic desing jobz


i propose that we catch this train

it’ll land us at nerang or robina at 5.10pm, gives us a good 30mins to ride in and grab a drink/feed/beer etc before the mad sick race!

any questions ask someone else

and be on the last carriage with all the kool hipsters

hype is out of control, lets hope the weather is good,

official weather call will be made on Friday

Is there anyone offering up some digs to crash at in Gold Coast? Was wanting to do this then drive onto Byron on Sunday!