s&s couplers

S S Machine Bicycle Torque Couplings 28 6mm 31 7mm Stainless Steel | eBay

i don’t know where one buys these otherwise, but seem reasonably cheap if you are of the weldy your own frame persuasion.
i am pretty fucking tempted to stick them in my soma, but seems a bit silly.

Leave it to a framebuilder, this is an area where the money is better spent getting it done right.

good, but not great, price.

I predict a US small volume effbuilder / hobby builder will snap these up. S&S won’t sell to you unless you’re insured etc, so they have to resort to buying wrecked S&S frames to get them.

Greenspeed however, will sell to anyone!

when i said ‘sticking them in my soma’ i meant getting someone else to stick them in my soma. :stuck_out_tongue: