SA Track

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I pmed gene about this did he get it.

Nope sorry I nabbed it this arvo!

nice pick up,
whats on it?

Riding to Whyalla to pick it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought about it. A friend of a friend owns a bus service so it will probably get here that way. Still not sure what’s on it.

I picked this up today. It isn’t 26" at all. It’s 59cm square. LAME! Came with Suntour Superbe Pro njs cranks though.

$50 for the cranks & you can borrow my fork jig :stuck_out_tongue:

Baciami il culo, stronzo!

john i tired emailing back and forth with this guy about measurements for ages but he was useless! so in the end i gave up not wanting to put money down on somthing that wouldnt fit. but 59cm is atually perfect for me if you want to pass it on give me a pm

The guy was 2m something and looked like he needed a club/fire hardened wood spear.

I’ll see how it goes and let you know. Frame has no markings I could see, suntour track ends. Give me a week or two I’m moving house atm and won’t have as much time for sweet fixies.

take your time… but keep me in mind