sad day for skateboarding.

Skateboard business icon dies in S.F. suicide

It is indeed.

gonna grind my indys with lay-back 5-0 just for eric.

did it say there was any reason as to why he killed himself outside a police station?
Really sad and all, but that sounds… odd?

When you are visited by the black dog logic does not always come into it, the trick is to talk to someone before it takes over.

too true, a phonecall saved me once!

Man I stole Thrasher mags more than any other mag… that mag was also the reason I got into to sooo many bands back in the late 80’s early 90’s like Fugazi and Social D etc…
RIP dude.

its music section is still top-notch. 2nd only to Heckler (RIP) for a non-music publication that delivered bands that changed my life.

i second that, opened my eyes to alot of music

+1 Thrasher introduced me to Fugazi and Sonic Youth.

practicality. in a car so it’s easy to clean up, the crime scene is small and movable, and your family doesn’t have to look at it every day. outside a police station so you’re found straight away and people who see death every day are hopefully the only ones exposed to it, plus less suspicion of it being a murder, and it makes the police’s jobs easier. (nearer the donuts and coffee).

fucking top answer ^^^