Sad news

Tomorrow night NSW will fall in a heap at the 2nd State of Origin.

Only sad news for some!

What is State Of Origin and how does this have an impact on the lives of the people of Melbourne?

Won’t really shed a tear

It’s something where a bunch of NSW thick necked thugs run in a line toward a bunch of other thick necked thugs from the QLD.

over simplification or is that just about it?

zero fucks.

That is about it but it can be quite entertaining.

so true, but i cant get AFL, seems they don’t like to get tackled to hard,…go

no need… I think greenmachine summed it up best.

And then from my admittedly limited understanding of this er game, after putting your cardio system to the limit after a few seconds carrying a ball, you fall over with the ball, stand up and throw it into the air before the masses begin to celebrate

There is no more hockey until later this year. No other sport compares.

For once Melbourne can just fuck off <pokes tongue>