saddest imdb entry ever.

Anne Sellors - IMDb

Where on earth did you find this??

the internet.

They have it on computers now.

OMG, just read the entry, now I’m know in the office as guy who urinates on himself.

up to 1442nd with a bullet!

Back in 1984, a TV movie called “Threads” premiered on BBC and has now made a star out of Anne Sellors, a woman who worked as an extra on the film, which is an account of a nuclear holocaust and its effect on the working class city of Sheffield, England. Sellors had a tiny role, which was also her only role in her short film career, but her IMDb profile has now been shared by thousands of people across the internet. The profile, being called “The Saddest Entry on IMDb,” lists Sellors as the uncredited “Woman who urinates herself.” Since 2005, she has skyrocketed from being the 1.2 millionth most popular actor on IMDb to 1,442nd thanks to her many fans.

at least you get a credit for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck - it was an uncredited role - who the hell set up the IMDB page? that’s either her, or someone with a lot of time / commitment.

7:55 - - YouTube

this thread made my afternoon.

Oh man. She nailed it.

There are a heap of sites out there already for this fetish already!

most of them German…

This also relates to the tumblr McKenny posted.