Safas bike has been stolen

Yo safas bike has been stolen.

Keep an eye out for that. Three.

You know what the fuck it looks like.

stolen from seddon/slash footscray around midnight!!!

what the hell!!! from your house//party? that sucks!!
i’m off to work now and i’ll keep my eyes open. well as open as i can for this time of the morning…

oh and there’s a house down one of the side streets off victoria (either walter or pilgrim) going towards the uni that is always selling bikes out the front. may seem too close to home but worth a check all the same…

in case you dont:

i sense a beatdown coming.

Cheers guys, keep your eyes peeled for as long as it takes. You’re absolutely right triple x.

no amount of respraying or parts changing can disguise that frame…

Where was it locked up?

^was in pip and cales front room, along with a heap of other bikes

muthfukkaz,eyes peeled.

That’s a bit suss yeh? So somebody off the street snuck into the fron t room while nobody was looking?

Ok I think I know where this bike is. Check,12678.0.html

If that’s a green track bike with nice components on it, you best PM me ASAP.

sorry should have been clearer, it was in the front room but we also all went out onto the street with bikes doing wheelies and shit, so may have been nicked from the street- not quite sure on where it last was

Since you posted that before Safa’s bike was knicked I’d say it’s not it.

someone must have seen the three green triple triangle frames posted on here this week and figured they were on to something…

HAHA, some wasted peanut threw it into a bush in our garden. Because of the green paint job and all the camoflauge parts, we couldn’t see it.

Aaaah, good times.


This is amazing.

that’s exactly what simon told me probably happened.