Salsa Cross Brake Levers ?? Query?!

I’m wondering if anybody may know if these brake levers can be used as a solo brake lever? They’re a Cyclocross Cross Brake Lever intended for use as a second brake lever that the cable can ‘run-thru’.
I assume that they can also be setup for use as a solo brake lever for a fixie. I like the look of 'em :slight_smile:

Just wanted to check before ordering from the UK.

Salsa Cross Brake Levers Only

Yes they can. They work very well.

Great! Sold!
Thanks for your prompt response :slight_smile:

I intend to pair them with some Miche brakes…

Miche Performance 57mm Drop Brake Calliper Set Only

Just make sure you workout what bars you are running them with. I swaped bars at the end of a build and the cross levers that would have fitted the broad 31.8 clamp section on the original bars would not fit the new bars with a narrow 31.8 clamp section and I am having to swap to a lever to fit a 26.0 a bar (which I think should work) even though the new bars are 31.8 if this makes sense. Get the vernier calipers out and work out where you want the brake levers.

Good thought… Did check that. Have a set of vernier calipers, handy!
comes with 26.0mm shims.
Cheers :slight_smile:

I ran a set on my first fixed and they were fine. Unless you’re specifically after the Salsa ones, check ebay. I got a set for not much on there.