salvaged colnago?

hey hey guys!

Snaffled whats seems to be a Colnago from a skip bin the other day looking in a sorry state. I’ve stripped it of its busted and rusted parts back to the frame but even the rust is slowly creeping through that. looking at it, all the hallmark clover decals and metal workings are non-existent and the only Identifiable markings on it are ‘Nigel Burton’ stamped on the bottom bracket, so have my doubts of its origins. In it’s condition is it worth salvaging (stripping/treating) or should I just return it from whence it came?.. is it even a Legitimate Colnago?

will post photos ASAP.

Apologies in advance for any ignorance, posting in wrong area etc. etc.

Cheers!, tim2V

Most nago’s have the clover stamped in a few places including BB so if there isn’t a clover cut out I’d say it’s not a colnago. Can you read any writing on the dropouts? They will be a good indicator of whether it’s worth salvaging. Good frames had cast dropouts and most of them had their brand names on them.

Pics will help too though.