Samson NJS 52cm

Just gained recently :slight_smile:

Samson NJS Track Bike 52cm Seat Tube 53.5cm Top Tube
Hatta Swan Super Deluxe headset
Selle Success V2 Saddle & Campy seatpost (looking for a matchy matchy dura ace)
Hatta R9400 BB
Dura Ace 7600 165mm Crankset & Chainring. 44T chainring 17T cog
Phil Woods laced to Velcity Deep v’s - vittoria rubino front & soma everwear back
MKS pedals & Soma straps

NICE!! Get if from njs export?

How do the 7600 cranks fit on the hatta bb? Good chainline?
I want to run the same cranks but cant find the matching dura ace 7610 bb anywhere.

Loving the paint on this, top work.

Super nice! The paint is awesome

The paint is awesome!

i feel like my input is redundant, but NICE paint!
keep it protected though, wouldn’t want that beauty with chips and mud all over it

Very nice ride dude.

Could be:

NJS EXPORT ¹ãƒˆSamson archive

yeah, spot on…direct from the njs site - i really wanted the chrome fade frame but at $1480 usd it was a little out my reach financially

as far as i know all the 7600 cranks take a square taper - everything fits fine and the chainline is good too, i’m not entirely sure of the spindle length though so it’s hard to give advice on which bb to go for

Booom booom booom …

Yeah, looks pretty sweet.

My Samson has chipped a few times, but it’s fully chromed underneath, so it hasn’t bothered me that much.

nice boike moite. better in the flesh. B^D