San Marco Concor restoration

Somehow I’ve managed to peel back the leather on a really old Concor I’ve got. I don’t really have any intention on keeping the worn down leather on the saddle though. Does anyone know a place that would be able to replace and install something else (suede or leather, whichever is cheaper) for a price less than buying a new saddle all together?

User Drozzy was doing some re-upholestering a while back…

You could try below for a pro job, but I doubt it’ll be cheaper than buying a new one.
busyman bicycles

if you want to try yourself then Leather supplier, massive range - Leffler Leather | High Performance Upholstery Leather | Cowhide Rugs for Sale | Saddle Leathers | Hides | Cowskin Rugs | Leathercraft | Belt Leather | Bookbinding Tools & Leather | Leather Tools | Marine Leather | Av near kensington sell leather hides, also ask user dylan about upholstering.

i imagine the process is pretty simple, contact adhesive would probably be the go

If you’re in Sydney I’ll do it for free. I have a crap load of leather (brown suede) that I bought for $15. About a whole cows worth (sorry vegans)

Basically all you need is spray adhesive and a staple gun with the smallest/shortest staples you can find. Pull it tight and staple it around all the edges nicely. Not much to it.

I’ve resorted to supergluing the leather back onto the plastic. Working fine for now but will contact one of those places if i have further problems. thanks for the help!

Hey man, I know a little bit, and I’ve got about 2 cows worth of hide at home, but no stapler to hold that shit down.