Saturday morn ridez

meet at gear 6am - this Saturday 9/1/10 probs an airport or if peeps are up to it … a port of Brisbane loop. yeah

who’s down?

also puttin it down that I will be partying at gossip that night. 299 brunswick from about 10 pm. party

byo vaseline and a shoe-horn at the party?

so gypo - are you in?
Ed is down.
who else? carrrn!

Bike banned riding to Port of Brisbane.

Can’t see unless you are a member.

yeah - looks true. dammit
anyway… a ride out to manly. about 50ks return

Sorry for the late notice I won’t be able to attend this one. Got a shitload housework that needs to be done before work :frowning:

I will be doing CBD out to scarborough via sandgate rd then back through boondall wetlands this Saturday (16/1) if anyone is keen for a spin. Flexibility on time and pace.

I am defs down this saturday.

yeah - let’s do it… i strapped my wrist up and it feels okish. should be right by sat.
6 am start?

sounds good. where do you guys usually meet?

I’m in Valley but happy to meet somewhere central.

how about across from the old museum…corner bowen bridge road and gregory tce?

Brisbane Square 6AM. I will be parking over at Gear Brisbang.

Gypsy, meet you at Brisbane Square 6am - happy to swing by old museum on the way through Glad Rappa.

Forecasting a nice tailwind for the ride back, should be fun.

This Sat. morning we’re doing a Gold Coast to Brisbane ride, leaving central station at 5:40, if you’re interested just show, sorry about the late notice.

i’ll meet yoose at brisbane square - that’s like at the top of the mall right?

yep, thats the spot.

Feeling lazy after reading about Gypsy and Lam’s trip - I’m going down to Byron again this Saturday spend the night then back to Robina and get the train back on Sunday. Ride is really flat with a few bumps towards the very end.

I anyone keen? I’m happy if people want to peel off at GC.

I’m in. yes. feelin entirely pathetic next to gypsy’s adventures. he is the man! total and enduring respect.

I am only goin as far as robina and riding back and deciding then which train station to aim for to take me home.