Saturday Ride - 13 Jun

Another ride this Saturday.

Same deal as last time, lycra (or tweed), 60-80km followed by breaky at Spill the Beans, Dickson.

Probably head out the highway again - Old Fed, maybe to Lake George or back through Sutton???

8am, Kamberra Wine Complex car park.

Also - I have created a group on Facebook (Canberra Fixed Gear), thought it might be useful as we don’t really have a community site that’s user friendly (blogspot never really took off). The idea is not to stop using this site, just to add to the community.


How’s this for a new low. Piking on my own ride. Pretty sure no one was turning up anyway but I’ll be busy tomorrow morn. Am gonna ride some other time on the weekend so let me know if anyone is interested.


I am prob going to hit up some MTB on the weekend Ty. Probably Stromlo on Sunday. Too cold for a road ride!

i’m doing the same. Let me know if you are. Cheers.

Just had a hit out on the DH bike at Tuggeranong pines. There is some building going on there!

I will be heading to Stromlo tomorrow. But I will be taking my brother for his first MTB ride there so the pace won’t be quick. If your still keen, holla back.