save the date...

friday 12th of june. weekend before global gutz.

don’t make any other plans.


Is something good on telly?

Lily Allen at The Forum?

as a clue, artistic designer types who would like to try their hand at spokecard design should get in touch.


Global Gutz route is planned BTW. Have you planned your route yet xBrendanX ?

yeah XbrendanX …

I planned my route FTW.

no set route.

will be a very different race/ride to global gutz.

speed will not be #1 priority.

Epic trackstand comp?

Aha! A Clue!

I’ve got an Epic, you could trackstand that all day with fat tyres.

of course, if you really wanted the details, you could always pretend to be interested in making a spokecard and i’d just give them to you…

I want to make a spoke-card.

even the spokecard designers don’t even know the plan/route/checkpoints. they just know that it starts at 6 at the museum.

if anyone has any out-of-the-ordinary sponsor ideas (or think their work would be willing to kick in), pm me!

Flier… check. Sponsors… check. Job done, lets race!

you may be on to something there brother.

lolcatz is your default page isn’t it Corz?

Nope, I am just secretely a lolcat posting pictures of ma bruddas

lolcats aside, this race will be organised so that any person - slow or fast - could win it…