Saw a guy hitting a car's door yesterday

Basically, I was in a lecture yesterday on Elizabeth Street and I happened to look out the window and saw a guy with his grey track bike riding towards Victoria Street. I was watching him riding pass then the tram passed by and blocked the view, as soon as the tram was gone suddenly this bloke swung out his car’s door without looking back and Bang! The guy flew off his bike but managed to balanced and stood up with his bike stuck at the driver’s door, bent and smashed. Well the bike guy was so pissed, on the other hand the driver was in a shock and was speechless while the bike guy shouted at him.

If it comes to a case like this? Will you be able to get the money out of the driver as a car didn’t hit you, but you hit a car?

I hope this dude and his bike is alright and if you happened to read this and need a witness, just pm me!

this sounds like pip.

this looks like pip.

He just got this bike after writing off his last one getting hit by a car. Still going through the insurance process of quotes etc.

What a pian in the arse.

Unwrucky. I hope Pip’s ok, he’s a tough lad though.

He goes through more frames than I go through BBQ shapes.

Yep, that was me. Shit sucks. I spent the day paranoid about car doors, and look what happens.


So far as I know if the door is opening when you hit it it is very hard for the driver to argue that they are not at fault. As far as THE LAW is concerned.

Sorry to hear Bro, hope you’re OK.

truth. its treated like pulling out into traffic without signalling if i recall correctly. the onus is on the driver to prove otherwise.

Road Safety Road Rules 2009 regulation 269, part 3.

269 Opening doors and getting out of a vehicle etc.

(3) A person must not cause a hazard to any person or
vehicle by opening a door of a vehicle, leaving a
door of a vehicle open, or getting off, or out of, a
Penalty: 3 penalty units.

If you door someone, it’s your fault. Fuck em!.