Seems too good to be true:

Cervelo RS 2011 Rival Bike

SRAM Red 10s Road Groupset

and pistas:
Campagnolo Pista Wheelset

Yep, pretty sure I have read about these guys before, they will take your money and run

It is Indo based, and I have never had a good experience with Indo based online shops. They reckon they do PayPal though, so use that, and don’t be afraid to click on dispute resolution if your item doesn’t arrive or is just a carbon copy of the real thing.

EDIT: don’t bother with them. I just went through the checkout process to (pardon the pun) check it out, minimum order value on their site is $500, so yeah, I wouldn’t touch them.

How about one better- don’t actually buy anything from them, it’s obviously a scam.
Typing dunia-sepeda and scam into Google produced a few interesting threads…

Go for it!

There you go, google says no.

A new website pops up under a fresh URL every couple of months but while the colours and name change, the basic layout of the site remains unaltered. As noted above, they’re always Indo based and every one is a scam.

Scams are pretty easy to spot these days… here’s Shirts’ guide to scam detection:

Is the price of said item cheaper than that offered by Wiggle/CRC/etc? Answer “yes” = scam

You’re got to give it to them though- pretty good scam effort! (I could even choose crank length before purchasing!!)

I saw that when I was shopping for a record gs a while back. Follow the old adage if it seems too good to be true then it is.

Pretty sure someone brought this up here last year. Probably the same guys.

Yeah but I think the incantation at the time was “King Cycles”.