Schwalbe One rolling resistance comparison

Has this been posted yet?

Compares weight and rolling resistance. Regular Schwalbe One (non-tubeless) tyre with ~70g butyl tube lighter and lower rolling resistance than Schwalbe One tubeless.

Obviously doesn’t take into account other criteria such as puncture protection, tyre pressure.

Yeah, it was discussed back in 2014 iirc.
Schwalbe have the One Pro out now.

and that same site has tested it and it’s the lowest RR tire of those tested (with that methodology)


Yeah, I’ll be trying the Pro Ones out as soon as I wear out the regular Ones. Tubeless, that is.

How many k’s have you gotten from your One’s?
And any puncture issues?

I rode with a guy last week who said the One Tubeless were horrible and felt heavy and fat and he got rid of them.

I’ve got them 23c on a 23mm rim, done maybe 2000kms on mine with zero flats. The rear is getting a little square though. #humblebrag I have gotten 4 downhill KOMs because of their handling, you can lay them down in a corner to beyond what you think is safe, and they make no noise at all. TC is the best clincher I have ever used, they feel so fast and the font on the sides is pretty.

I’m a big fan of the Ultremo line, you have just sold me on the Ones.

Rolling resistance is about the lowest on the criteria I choose a tyre on.

The suspense is killing me.

I’ve got 3000 out of mine so far. Rear is starting to square a little, will swap to front soon. No puncture issues, I’ve had a couple of slow deflations but pumping them back up and giving them a shake to move sealant around fixes it. Never had an issue on the road (touch wood).

How do they measure on your 23mm rim? Like an actual 23mm tire and would you go wider the next time? I understood you ride them with tubes right?

I ride them with tubes. I’m not sure what they measure, but they have a nice even curve. I wouldn’t go wider because I don’t think I could get the clearance in the rear.

Yeah bro, Ones are the best. Dayne mate, let’s not pretend, tan sidewall availability is your first criteria when choosing a tyre.

If you were running Enve’s…you would to.

drops mic