schwalbe One tubeless tyre range goes pro and expands


damnit I just bought a pair of tubeless v1s in 25 widthway

Totally. This shit just gets better and better. Still SOST OKED on my One Tubeless, if they’ve made it better I won’t be able to contain my joy.

They just need to get a 650bX42mm jobbie on the go for this to be perfect.

You probs won’t see these for retail sale at decent prices for ages anyway. The v1s are shit hot, you won’t be disappointed.

I don’t see the point of the 23mm I really think a 23 shouldn’t run below about 75-80 and this is borderline sealant actually being useful at stoping the pressure, 28-30mm though makes all the sense.

Ntbd schwalbe

Would defs rock the 40c gravel tire of these tubeless on my next bike

They have a 650b x 40 mm gravel tire.

Now I’m glad that I went for Ardennes+ when I built my CX wheels.

So they do! Wonder how it will perform on tarmac…

Great on a 650b all road/rando/enduro road.

Yup, mebbe time to pull my finger out and build up those Belgium + rims lurking in the garage.

schweet. sold on going tubeless road, love my one’s with tubes can’t wait to change to these.