Scott (MONT) 24 hour.......who is going?

I am at the 24 hour as a ‘wrench’ for a solo rider…so should be along the main straight under an kona tent.

Who is else is going? Who should I be on the look-out for?

You still cool to be my ass luber between your ‘wreching’ for Belly? :twisted:

I’m there Rhino

Part of team Pista on the Dirt:

And on another note: well done Tristan on winning the accomodation at Rydges! Party there after the event? :wink:
for this tale of woe:

Nah… I am crashing at Rydges on the Friday night. Not sure if I can handle staying in Canberra any longer than needed.

I’ll be going - captaining the “silly singlespeed SNAGs” team of four. I didn’t make up the name. We’ll be taking it fairly unseriously, expecially during the night. I’ll be taking my SS XC bike and the newest addition - the fixed CX bike.

Look forward to seeing you guys there - I’ll be turning up on friday afternoon and camping that night - getting a good spot and reducing the saturday morning stress - which will be a nightmare if you turn up on sat. morning.

  • joel