SE Lager 09

I’ve been serching for info on the SE Lager 09, but can find any information online. I’ve read some of the reviews on the 08 model and there seems to be varied opinions.

Pedal Plus in Sydney have 09 Lagers for $699, does anyone know is this is a good deal for the price and what components it comes with? Is it comparable with other off the shelf bikes under $1K?

Does anyone have one/ridden one?

Bought the 09 Matt Black Lager SE. Its RRP is is more than the white version. Similar components except for red anodised parts.

Components are as per described on the SE website (FSA Vero cranks, Alex rims etc).

Decent build quality for the price. I believe the frame is the Fuji Track frame. Made by the same company (Fuji bikes owns SE Bikes).

It’s a decent ride for the price. The decals are NOT removable.

It’s hard to find a brand new sub-$1k fixie that has classic track geometry. You other options are the Schwinn Madison (RRP $899) and that’s it. You could get the Giant Bowery or the Trek SOHO S for under $1k but these are modern looking.

Alternatively, get the Fuji track 2009 ($599 RRP), add a front brake and voila, you’ve got a cheap road fixie.

ok cheers, thanks for the info.

enjoy your new bike

Looks a lot better that the larger and for $550 money left over for a slab.

What looks a lot better than the Lager? The Fuji Track?

Guess that the Cellbikes fixie is also worth considering as it’s $549 preorder. Similar specs, better crankset and yes, money left over for a slab or two.

The cell bike was the one i was referring to. Thought i chucked the link in :oops:

Hey guys,

I believe Cheeky Monkey is the place to look for SE fixies.

You might want to check them out as well

agreed. they also do the fujis. i recommend them over Pedals Plus, as PP did a shit job assembling my bike…