Secret Merri Creek Single track

During iso, I started exploring off the main tracks in my area, specifically Merri creek around coburg. Anyway one day I followed a small gap through the bushes and canes across 6km of pretty gnarly singletrack.

Someone or someones has been busy building, there’s a bridge, berms, multiple routes, supported switchbacks. It’s fucking sick.

Anybody else on here know about it? I haven’t found anything online

Also. I think somebody is living down there.

Screenshot_20201123-153821 Screenshot_20201123-153802 Screenshot_20201123-153812 Screenshot_20201123-153825 Screenshot_20201123-153837

Never heard about this. spooky stuff imo, I like the area around there, but there’s some spirits lurking imo.

concur, charbydis pulled me into the river


Ha! I went down their with my kid. Told him a witch lives in there. In doing so I ended up spooking myself out real bad. It’s really spooky worth checking out. Some is really technical, some is flowy, done it on the mtb and the gravel bike. Both were fun, but had to walk small parts on the Gravel bike.

I’ve rode it quite a bit during lockdown as did @nikcee
And a bunch of others.

It started real janky and rough, pretty technical I had to walk 2/3 sections.

It’s slowly been ‘improved’ to the point that it’s almost all rideable, been interesting watch it progress.

Guy named Ash started building it, he rides it a bit on a green/white Cannondale. Is very fast.

Other people have added and changed stuff along the way.

Good ride I did a bit was all the way out to the big cactus, then back to the bridge with switch back climb, then up Newlands road to hawkers and grabbed a couple of tins and sat in the park.

I’ve seen the green cannondale dude down there. And yeah he is fast hey.

I’m pretty keen to nail some of the more technical bits. Very snakey on a warm day though.

There’s the switchback climb at the end and the bridge at the start, where’s the big cactus?

Up past Edwards road there is a climb (going north) up to a very very tight switch back that a has a big cactus on itScreenshot_20201123-195341


it actually goes bridge-to-bridge now…
just north of BT Connor reserve (where the top of cactus corner/the really tight switchback ends) you can ride along for about 20-30m on the grass and it drops back down along the creek… popsout at the next bridge crossing

its also sooo much easier to route find now that its been ridden in and i suspect people have done some extra trail definition. pretty sure the council at least know about it now…

its still being updated, even post-25km bubble pop which is great…

also - shortsie i didnt realise you were a northside local now!

Ya I’m in west Preston. Been here for 8ish years now

It’s pretty rad. Really fun to find. Have you looked in the tent?

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Haven’t checked the tent…

Good on em, probably nice and quiet for the most part

And close to trails