seen in sydney

saw this poor little fixie this morning on the way to work. looks like she/he possibly had a very big new years eve. its a “traveller” frame… but doesn’t look like she will be anytime soon.

Rear brake :?

on a second inspection on the way home i did see it is actually single speed - hence the brake

Always carry a spanner.

lol. i do. i had spanner(s) shifter and multi tool, the works.
i find it really hard to walk past and not just re-run the chain.

or a crank extractor! :wink:

its still there. someone stands it up in the morning and it is down on the way home. how long till i should bring the tools in?
i just feel seriously sorry for the bike!

take it, leave a laminated note taped to the pole with an email address if the owner wants to contact you. sounds like the bike is going to get fucked up pretty quickly if it gets left there.

jesus man, where do you find this shit? actually, don’t answer that…

chromeo - thats the thing that gets me. i know on weekend some piss head will just trash the thing for the hell of it. food for thought

its all good. i am 90% sure the owner came and took her away yesterday.
i am sleeping better now