Seisakusho clamp on brake alternative

Just stumbled upon this. Looks like a good alternative to the clamp on dia-comp version, which can be a bit ugly and can mark the forks.

Anyone seen one in action? How exactly would you bolt the caliper on, when it doesn’t allow a recessed nut?

Looks like a neat solution - heaps better than the Dia-Compe job. Might be interested if you get one, although I seem to recall there’s a set pin at the base of my steerer tube…?

Edit: $122? Sorry, my clamp-on works just fine.

This is the most fixed-geary thing to be posted here in years.

Is definitely a much better solution than the clamp on system, but perhaps wouldnt work on all forks (especially those with a tight clearance)

Rear brake caliper (shorter bolt) and regular nut?

I know, right. I wasn’t even sure what section to post it in!


I posted this bracket 4 years ago (for other reasons)


But to be fair, very different context, ie the full beardo thread for ways to mount fenders. We’re talking sweet fixies here!

My first thought was that it would be a great dynamo light mount.

^and second thought apparently.

This is how far we’ve come. First fixed geared bike thread in years and it’s hijacked by fenders and dynamo lights in no time at all.

I’m still determined to build a sweet fixie though (albeit protected and secured with a front brake because I’m no longer in my twenties and I’ve got kids, and I’ll be racing home to get the beardo bike as soon as cloud starts forming and dusk starts setting in).

What are you talking about roby



If you want a the ultimate rad dad fixie, it’s got to be this. Owned by Sheldon, painted by Baylis, plenty of tyre clearance and a front brake.

i started turning my fixie back into a track bike last night coz riding it on the street hurts my entire body.

hoping to start training on it again so such occurrences of entire body hurts become less frequent.

^please don’t make me remember the reasons why I sold my last fixie, I’m trying to be irrational and impulsive here

you’re rockin a brake mate, no dramas!

^^^I live in Cambridge Mass so can check out Sheldon’s bike for anyone… :stuck_out_tongue:

Update with pics. Turns out this is designed for a specific shaped fork crown and my Makino has a different shape so it needed some dremelling to fit. As for clearance I’ve ended up with a 20mm Conti 4000S tyre. I tried a 23mm 4-season but it only just fit and didn’t leave any comfort. But it seems to only use up about 2mm of clearance. Time will tell whether my dremelling has made it likely to fail. Seems solid.

In the end, while it’s an elegant solution, it’s expensive, a bit fiddly and comes with a bit of a clearance penalty.

NJS approved, right?

Your brake pads are on backwards. Or rather the left is on the right and vice versa.

^thanks. didn’t even check, just put the caliper on as it came out of the box.