Seized bb advice

Attempting to replace the bottom bracket in my MTB commuter hack, but the one that’s in there won’t budge. Alu, shitmano quare taper BB,nothing unusual there. It went in clean about a year ago, no cross-threading but a bit of teflon tape added to address a persistent squeak.

Like I said, the fucker won’t budge. Any suggestions before I lose my rag completely and take to it with an angle grinder?? :x

whenever this happens at work i reach for the special bottom bracket tool.
and before anyone says anything, no it’s not an angle grinder.
we have a bottom bracket tool that screws into the main shaft. pulls the actual tool face tight against the shell and lets you use the uber type force. same basic effect can be had by a solid metal plate, a crank bolt, and some shims to space it tight against the shell.

another option is to mount the tool in a good vice and then use the frame to supply the torque, kind of like rotafixing.
just be REALLY careful not to fuck the splines on the bottom bracket shell or you’ll be really screwed…

and i have to ask, even if it is slightly insulting.
you do know that the drive side is a reverse thread, right?

Cheers for that lupe. Got the fucker out…thanks to your trick #2 - tool in the vice, plus just the right mix of bloodcurdling oath and the threat of the angle grinder (scared the piss out the possums in the shed roof in the process).

and thanks for that but…yes :smiley: