Selection Criteria for Commuter Olympics


City cyclists today have been buoyed by the news that Cycling Australia has released its official selection criteria for the 2014 Commuter Olympics.

The Cyclone Hubbards, as the team will be known, will comprise 14 of the nation’s top commuter cyclists. Hubbard High Performance Manager Harry Halfwheel has high hopes for the contingent:

“The Commuter Olympics is an opportunity for Australia’s fastest commuters to thrash it out on the world stage. Cycling to work is certainly still a minority sport in this country, but I’ve seen enough high-speed bike path crashes to know that we are not short of hubbard talent. While Australia doesn’t boast the grass roots commuter development seen in nations like the Netherlands, I am expecting the Cyclone Hubbards to really ignite Australians’ passion for racing total strangers down city streets on unroadworthy bikes.”

The selection criteria, set out below, sets qualification standards based on technical skills, performance in commuter events, and number of urban Strava segments held by the athlete. Rigorous clothing regulations apply, including minimum standards for high-viz jackets and maximum numbers for zip ties in helmets.

Selection Criteria for Commuter Olympics: Official Announcement

there’s a few members of this very forum turning into hubbards

I nominate my colleague:

Super commuter extroardinaire

is this a thing? really?

If by “thing” you mean “shitty attempt at cycling related humour”, then yeh, probs.

You don’t win the Commuter Olympics by being fast. You win by not losing face.