Sell complete or part out?

I’m tossing up whether to sell a decent bike complete or to part it out.

It seems to me that:
A. if you buy a shit bike complete, you pay more than buying shit parts separately.
B. if you buy a good bike complete, you pay less than buying the good parts separately.

Perhaps under A, you are paying for the convenience of having all the parts toghether already, which are essentially worthless on there own.

Under B, because building a bike is popular, you are competing with other builders and upgraders.

So, is it worth separating all the parts and polishing them up, in the sense of time and money?

flip a coin.

Part it out. I just parted out a bike I was selling, no one wanted to give me $750 for it, and I made more than that off the parts. I didn’t polish any of them either.

Part it out, easiest way to sell everything and you usually make more cash.

parting out you’ll make more. i got my bike for free selling the parts i didnt need of it.